"Brilliant, illuminating... a happy-sad masterpiece"

Gus Silber, Journalist


"A magnificent piece of work"

Murray Le Vita, Netwerk24


"A haunting celebration"

Andrew Worsdale, Filmmaker


"A labour of love and a powerful document"

Charl Blignaut, City Press


"An incredible story, beautifully told"

Erns Grundling, Author


"Beautifully pitched, full of humour, deeply moving"

Richard Haslop, Journalist

James Phillips, who died aged 36 in July 1995, was a composer, musician, bandleader and the voice and conscience of a generation of white South Africans. His Afrikaans alter ego Bernoldus Niemand’s 1983 single, “Hou My Vas Korporaal” (“Hold Me Tightly, Corporal”) became an anthem of the End Conscription Campaign and spawned “alternative” Afrikaans rock music and the Voëlvry movement. In 1985, with his beloved Cherry Faced Lurchers, he recorded the gut-wrenching “Shot Down” that addressed both white privilege and the violence of the apartheid state. James Phillips’ legacy is that of one of this country’s most aware, articulate and passionate artists. He was a genius, a satirist, a poet and probably one of the most accomplished songwriters that South Africa has ever produced.


 “The Fun’s Not Over” tells James’ story in his own words and through the voices of journalists like Max du Preez, satirists Zapiro and Pieter Dirk Uys, his musical collaborators and label-mates like Koos Kombuis and Vusi Mahlesela, contemporary artists like Jack Parow and his friends and family.

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